Matzo Soufflé Omelette

Serves 4-5

This is a light but sustaining dish, equally enjoyable to serve for breakfast or lunch. 

6 eggs, separated

8ozs (225g) cream or cottage cheese

3 slices of Matzo

1 teaspoon of salt

10 grinds of black pepper

1oz (25g) butter

Handful of chopped chives

Break up the matzos into bite-sized pieces, cover with cold water and soak for 3 mins, then squeeze as dry as possible and mash with a fork.

Have ready an 8inch (20cm) frying pan.

Put the cheese into a bowl and work in the yolks using a wooden spoon, then add the seasonings and stir well until absolutely smooth.

Now stir in the matzo. Put the whites into a bowl, add a pinch of salt then whisk until they hold stiff peaks.

Fold into the first mixture.

Melt the butter in the pan then pour in the mixture.

Cook over gentle heat for 5-6 minutes until the underside is golden brown (lift a corner of the omelette to check).

Transfer to the grill and grill gently for a further 4 mins until well risen and golden brown.

Sprinkle chopped chives over the Matzo Brei and serve in sections like a cake.