Rakusens kosher matzo crackers factory

Rakusen’s has been producing delicious, healthy water crackers since 1900. In fact, we were the first manufacturer in the UK to do so.

Our entire range of crackers is flame-baked to a traditional recipe, giving each bite a unique but subtle nutty flavour.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our range beyond crackers to include biscuits, margarines, meal and soups, while developing our core product out to adapt to the modern snacking market with things like Snackers and Chocolate Snackers. But, while our product range may have changed, our core aim has not. For over a century, we’ve sought to produce great tasting products made with simple ingredients – making them not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy.

This began with our roots as a provider of kosher foods to the Jewish community, but today means we can serve those living a vegan, vegetarian or gluten free lifestyle – or looking for tasty foods which are low in fat, sugar and salt, or free-from dairy, lactose and nuts. Rakusen’s was established in Leeds in 1900 by Lloyd Rakusen, who partnered with Joseph Bonn and Theodore Carr in 1910 to form Bonn Rakusen & Co. Bonn had already established his own company as the country’s first kosher catering firm and in the years that followed the partnership went from strength to strength, with Lloyd bringing his son into the business in 1930 to carry on the family business after his death in 1944.

Rakusens matzo crackers gluten free and kosher cracker rangeFrom there, the Rakusen’s brand has continued to embrace its Jewish heritage, while striving to tell the world about its fantastic range of healthy, delicious and incredibly versatile products. In the late 1970s, this included coming under the supervision of London Beth Din and the leading ecclesiastical societies to ensure all our kosher products are made to the required methods and standards, while in 2011 this meant proudly labeling our products in line with EU regulations on the provision of food information to consumers.

Why proudly? Well, as you’ll see from the colour coded information on the front of our crackers, Rakusen’s boast a wide range of snacks that are free from red or amber warnings on fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt, instead offering ‘nothing but green lights’ – which you can read more about here.

Some of the products in our range also contain palm oil, which is certified as sustainable by the RSPO, which you can also read more about here.

Typical GDA pack example from our 350g traditional ‘big blue’ Matzo crackers

(Typical GDA pack example from our 350g traditional ‘big blue’ Matzo crackers)