Just like the big blue, but perfect for Passover

The Passover version of our traditional Matzo comes in a big red box – and is just as versatile as its blue sibling.

Buy for your Passover table, or use later for a snack or healthy lunchtime treat.

Passover Matzos are unique because:

Flour is used only from a dedicated kosher for Passover mill. Extra water cooling unit for ‘mayim shelonu’ maintains a constant low temperature for dough.

Exclusively designed mixer only used for Passover Matzos ensures a perfect mix with no flour residue and no heat development on beaters and bowls.

Continuous cleaning by roller brushes and a unique air system, plus non-stick coatings on all movable parts completely remove any dough or dust particles.

Air conditioning in the Passover area maintains a low ambient temperature before the oven.

Kosher for Passover Matzos are all produced where the time from contact of flour with water until entry into the oven is under 18 minutes.

Modern technology and ‘halacha’ are combined to produce world class kosher for Passover Matzo to enhance your Passover table.

Great Matzo recipe ideas

Matzo Nachos
Peanut Butter and Matzo Tower

Low in fat, sugar and salt

Dairy free

Lactose free

Nut free

PO Matzos_NUTRIngredients: Wheat Flour, Water.
Allergen Advice: See ingredients in bold.
Certified kosher for Passover by the London Beth Din and other ecclesiastical societies.
Made under orthodox rabbinical supervision from milling of wheat to sealing of packet.