Matzo, matza, matzah – whatever you call it, you can’t help but love its crispy, flame-baked goodness. We call it Matzo, with a capital ‘M’, because it’s such an important part of our family.

With Passover creeping ever closer, we thought we’d pay tribute to the mighty Matzo by endowing you with some useful knowledge about the humble cracker.


Matzo ball soup is a Seder classic. We’ve posted a version of this recipe before on the blog, but feel it deserves an encore in the lead-up to Passover. Partly because it’s one of our favourites – but mainly because you can prepare it in advance and save yourself hassle on the day.

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  • 2kg whole...

For a delicious, homely dish this Passover you need look no further than this recipe for Potato Kugel Gratin. Full of simple yet bold flavours, this is sure to provide the hearty fare that everyone at your table has been looking forward to.


125g Rakusen’s Fine Matzo Meal
1.5kg baking potatoes
250g shallots
4 eggs
150ml olive oil
225ml chicken...

This is one dish that can’t be missed. Matzo Ball Soup – or Matzah Ball Soup as it is often known – is everything you could want in a meal. A delicious, warming reminder of home, this classic recipe is certain to be a winner at the dinner table this evening.


2kg whole chicken
3 celery stalks
3 carrots
2 yellow onions
2 sprigs of parsley
Salt and pepper
50g Rakusen’s Matzo Meal
3 eggs