Students going back to University this Autumn are being told they could save some much needed cash by turning to a vegan diet.

According to The Independent, veganism is now said to be more prevalent than ever and recent figures have shown that this is particularly true among students. The newspaper cites a recent study conducted by VoucherCodes, which suggests some 18 per cent of those heading back to University for the new 2015 term are thinking about making the dietary change. Adding to this that within that same group of people, 90 per cent are worried about how they are going to manage their budgets, it suggests going vegan could well help – and even made some comparisons that show just how much people can save on a meat-free diet.

When it came to spaghetti bolognese, savings of £1.40 were made on simply switching out 400g of soya mince for the usual beef option, while as much as £3.60 was the difference when using tinned mixed beans as an alternative to chicken breasts when making fajitas. Other suggestions included changing the lamb in a shepherds pie to red lentil (a saving of £2.85) and opting for a four pack of spicy bean burgers over quarter pounders (a saving of 95p)

Of course, if you are thinking of going veggie, going vegan or even just looking for a low fat, low cost meal idea… our ‘Big Blue’ Matzo Crackers are a fantastic option. Simply throw a few ingredients on top (say some pesto and cherry tomatoes and courgette) and pop them under the grill for a few minutes – and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a mini veggie pizza!