We offer a wide range of products for the Passover table that are certified as kosher for Passover by the London Beth Din and other ecclesiastical authorities.

These products are made under orthodox rabbinical supervision, from the milling of the flour to the sealing of the packet, to ensure all are made to the most stringent standards and requirements of religious law and modern food hygiene regulations.

Our Passover crackers are made using flour only from a dedicated kosher for Passover mill, with an extra water cooling unit for ‘mayim shelonu’ to maintain a constant low temperature for dough. This, along with an exclusively designed mixer used only for Passover Matzos, ensures a perfect mix with no flour residue and no heat development on beaters and bowls.

In addition, continuous cleaning by roller brushes, a unique air system and non-stick coatings on all moving parts and a low ambient temperature before oven cooking mean our Passover crackers are perfect for your Passover table.

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