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Tofu sometimes gets a bad reputation as a bit dull and bland, but as part of the right recipe it can be absolutely delicious.

For vegans, it’s also soy-based, protein-packed essential and here, it combines with some other superfood friends for a tasty Matzo treat.


(To make four Matzo pizzas)

Check out this vegan pizza recipe, which uses our delicious Matzos as a light, crispy and remarkably tasty base.

A delicious Israeli cuisine inspired Matzo Pizza that is simple to prepare and tastes great as a snack, light lunch or even a dinner party appetizer.


(To make four Matzo pizzas)

Students going back to University this Autumn are being told they could save some much needed cash by turning to a vegan diet.

According to The Independent, veganism is now said to be more prevalent than ever and recent figures have shown that this is particularly true among students. The newspaper cites a recent study conducted by VoucherCodes, which suggests some 18 per cent of those heading back to University for the new 2015 term are thinking about making the dietary change....

Rakusen’s Matzo Crackers make a perfect base for brushetta and the variation of toppings are endless – so really, you can let your imagination run away with you and come up with something creative!

However, if you are looking for something simple and delicious, this red pepper and tomato topping is a solid option – but it is best prepared in advance to prevent the crackers going soggy.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 6...